10 things to follow while you are building your freelancer platform

The freelancing sector is booming at a very alarming rate with a lot of companies hiring online these days. Many professionals have now become full-time online workers because they have found the appropriate employers to work for online. If you are contemplating of Building a freelancer website from freelancer clone, below are some of the Factors to consider.

Freelance Script

1. How Easy It Will Be to Log In and Sign Up

Use a Freelance Script that will make your users Log in and out without any technical issues. It should be easy to sign up so that people find it convenient to access it.

2. Easy and Variable Payment Options

Payment is important to freelancers because that is why they are on the platform. You should include several payment options to make freelancers choose which is convenient for them.

3. Flexibility of Using the Website

At times freelancers will be handling various devices in regard to the place they are. Make the website accessible by mobile phones, computers and other portable devices to make freelancers and their clients communicate throughout.

4. Install and Escrow System

It is good for a freelancer to work knowing that money has been deposited in advance especially when working for new clients. Money in Escrow is going to be withheld until work is approved by the client.

5. Enhance Its Security Features

Cyber-attacks in Open Source Freelance Script are becoming common nowadays. Freelancer websites lose millions of dollars when such an act happens so make sure that you tighten the security of the website to make people’s money safe.

6. The Financial System of the Users

You should consider embracing the diversity financial issues of freelancers. Make sure that you include a standard minimum pay rate for all hourly projects so that you prevent financial oppression of freelancers by some clients.

7. Project Bidding

The Freelance Script should have a project bidding space that will enable freelancer to express their interests on posted jobs. The bidding process should be short but precise and clear.

8. Social Media Platform

Social media page of a freelancer website is nice because it enables freelancers to interact and share their views regarding the website the things happening on that site. Through it, you will be able to determine what is wrong and what is right from freelancer’s opinions.

9. Advanced Quick Search

It should have a quick way of searching for the jobs. This is what will make freelancers to locate jobs of their interest and jobs in which they are trained or skilled on.

10. Reasonable Commission Percentage

You should set a convenient and reasonable commission percentage that will be standard to everyone. It should be billed from the freelancer automatically to avoid any arithmetic errors.

To conclude, all these factors, when well considered and applied lead to a perfect and efficient working freelancer website. Building a freelancer website from scratch is very stressful, but if you use the Freelance Script, you can be sure to get the most satisfying website.


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